Learn Remedial Stone Fusion

Remedial Stone Fusion (RSF) – Hot Stone Massage for Professional Massage Therapists

ATMS Accredited Course for Continuing Professional Education (Approved for 16 CPE Points)

Two Day Training Module – Prerequisite (Cert IV Remedial Massage)
Expand your client base & extend your longevity as a Remedial Therapist by learning Remedial Stone Fusion Massage, a hot stone massage especially designed for remedial therapists.  Remedial Stone Fusion is a combination of Remedial Massage and Hot Stone Massage techniques that will add a new dimension to your practice. Combining remedial massage with hot stone massage techniques will result in a very effective therapeutic treatment and the most blissful, mind-melting massage available. This is the perfect choice for clients with muscular skeletal problems who may have a low pain tolerance.

RSF enables you to give a deeper massage producing better and quicker results by reducing pain and stiffness as the body relaxes naturally with the warmth of the stones. The warmth increases vasodilatation, improves circulation and calms the nervous system. The use of cold stones decongests the tissue and aids with inflammation. The use of the specially shaped stones on trigger points and tight areas will save your thumbs and put less pressure on your joints, enabling you to work deeper with less effort.

Remedial Stone Fusion is an effective therapy that will appeal both to your existing remedial clients and will also attract a much wider market segment. Using stones instead of wrists and thumbs is a much healthier alternative and may increase the longevity of your career as a Remedial Therapist.  Finally a Hot Stone Massage that combines the Best of Both Worlds.

Contact: Sarah on (02) 88 145 201 or 0412 391 018 for further information, course outlines & training dates.
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